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          Who We Are

          KMT Group was established in Malaysia 1994 by a Korean Founder and Group Chairman, Mr Matthew Lee. The Company started as a trading company and expanded a few years later as a distributor of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) importing food and beverages products from South Korea to Malaysia. Today, KMT Group has the greatest platform in distributing Korean food and beverages. Its extensive distribution networks in Peninsula and East Malaysia covers high traffic outlets (HTO) such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, health and personal care chain stores and general retail traders with the complete range of product line from Korea. The product line of brand portfolio includes instant noodles, seaweeds, kimchi, seasonings and sauces, liquors, alcoholic drinks, beverages, confectionaries and snacks, chilled and frozen products.

          KMT Group’s extensive fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) distribution network is supported by teams of sales personnel strategically positioned at branch offices all over West and East Malaysia.

          KMT Group has indeed etched its mark in 25th Years in history and is well known as the pioneer in promoting International Trade between Korea and Malaysia.

          To date, we are grateful for being able to sustain our dominant position in Malaysia food and beverages industry and determine to maintain the excellence and superiority and top-quality Korean products and services. We continue to enrich with new insights and knowledge, to build even stronger and more sustainable brands.

            "Creating Excellence Through Continuous Innovation and Differentiation"


              • We aim to be a respectable ethic Korean Company and trusted partner for growth and sustainability together with Malaysia Society.


              • To build strong partnership in our business relationship with our Korean Principals.
              • To foster an open and creative healthy culture, attracting and nurturing talents.
              • To provide innovation and top-quality Korean products to all Malaysians.
              • To achieve Operational and Customer Service Excellence.


              • To be the lead importer and distributor providing the best quality and healthy Korean food, beauty and home living products while ensuring customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

              CORE VALUES

              • Knowledge: We apply knowledge management strategy to improve the productivity and efficiency of organization.
              • Innovation: We challenge ourselves with new skills, methods and fresh ideas to maintain our position as the best in the FMCG industry.
              • Mutual: We have a mutual trust working principle with our Korean Principals and it is the key to success.
              • Teamwork: We value the teamwork spirit to achieve greater heights and success.
              • Excellence: We strive to deliver and distribute excellent products and provide top-quality services.
              • Commitment: We are committed to meet our expectation of shareholders, customers and staff.
              • Contribution: We work with the community to create awareness on Korean culture.
              • Caring: We care for our stakeholders and carry out our responsibilities as a Community Member.

          Datuk Matthew Lee

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