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          a. The Contest starts from 00:00:00, 01/02/2021 and ends on 23:59:59, 30/04/2021 (“Contest Period”). .

          b.Every purchase of Jongga Kimchi 380g twin pack will entitle you to enter the Contest. Obtain the 9 (nine) digit alpha-numeric unique code printed on the card inside the twin pack as the proof of purchase (“POP”) to submit your entry..

          c. Method to submit Contest entry: Via WhatsApp Application from any locally registered mobile number to 017-850 6182. Each entry submitted must be complete with the key code followed by #, Name as per MyKad / passport followed by #, MyKad / passport number followed by # and 9 digit POP unique code number continuously. For example: Type: AHMAD KHALID#850101108445#JKM8F8P8Y and WhatsApp to 017-850 6182.

          d. Each entry submitted must be complete with the required personal details and POP unique code. Each Participant is entitled/eligible to submit more than 1 (one) entry but each entry must be accompanied with 1 (one) POP unique code. Each POP unique code can only be used once. Subsequent entries received with the same POP unique code will be disqualified and only the first entry submitted will be qualified.

          e. All entries received are subject to the Organiser’s verification. The Organiser reserves the absolute right to automatically disqualify incomplete entries and/or entries received with duplicated POP unique codes and/or late entries (i.e: entries received after 23:59:59, 30/04/2021)

          f. Organiser shall reserve the right to request for evidence of the original POP and the identification documents for verification and prize redemption. Failure to produce any of the foregoing terms and/or documents will result in disqualification and prize forfeiture..

          g. Organiser shall reserve the right to make the final decision.

          h. Organiser in its absolute discretion reserves the right to reject, disqualify, or forfeit any entries without the need to provide any prior notice to any party. The Organiser reserves the right to forfeit their participation in the event that the Participant(s) do not comply with the Contest Rules & Regulations.

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